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Earn Regular Commissions for Simply Telling People About 

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I'd like to help you earn a regular monthly income, just by simply telling your contacts or subscribers about my free report that you've just received.

There's no selling involved on your part, just send  clicks my way and I'll do the rest using my 'tried and tested' email marketing strategy. All you have to do is sit back and bank the money! 

In short, here's what it means for YOU:

You Simply Tell People About My Free Report.

I Do All The Selling.

You Bank The Commissions.

  • it will cost you nothing to join.
  • all you need to do is tell your contacts about my free report.
  • I take over and  make sales to your referrals for you.
  • Your affiliate ID is 'cookied' into the process via a unique affiliate link.
  • you get credited for every sale made through your unique Affiliate link.
  • you receive 50% of ALL purchases your referral makes!

Get started right now!

Sign up for my VIP Partners Program using the form (below or at the top of the page) and become an affiliate. You'll get more details and your own unique affiliate link that sends your referrals to my free report page. You will also be instantly approved for ALL the products in my sales funnel as well as any other products I introduce into the funnel or my email marketing strategy in the future.

What have you got to lose?


Gerald Smith

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